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innerbeaut-deactivated20140409 said: Do you have of Arthur Season 14 Episode 8 Muffy saying "its cashmere so it better" gif? Please say yeeeees. I thought tgat part was hilarious! :)

I don’t but now I do!

Video 5 Feb 4 notes

Requested by innerbeaut!

My first gif in so long…hope you enjoy x

From Arthur Season 14 Episode 8 Part 2 “All the Rage”

Text 5 Jul 3 notes Starting an Arthur Marathon!!

Watching every episode starting from season 1 RIGHT NOW.

Looking for GIFs for y’all too of course.  

Video 1 Jul 49 notes

Words of Wisdom from Fashionista Capri di Vapida!!

PS - “Vapid” means “tasteless” and…do you think Arthur was parodying Lady Gaga or Paris Hilton??

(Arthur Season 14 Episode 8: All the Rage)

Photo 28 Jun 13 notes Arthur Season 3: Arthur Rides the Bandwagon

Arthur Season 3: Arthur Rides the Bandwagon

Video 27 Jun 298 notes

Arthur Season 9: Kiss and Tell

Photo 26 Jun 106 notes
Video 25 Jun 15 notes

From Season 2 “Lost!”

Text 25 Jun 1 note Summer Break is Finally Here!!

Going to be GIFing again, fellow Arthurians.  

If you have any requests, or want to see GIFs from a particular episode, feel free to ask me ^_^

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disney--queen said: YOUR BLOG ROCKS!!!! I LOVE ARTHUR!!!!!!! When i was little, i was so excited when Arthur and i were in the same grade! hehe

Aww thank you :)  I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything lately…I’ve been pretty busy with finals and such.  But don’t worry - I’m not going to be that busy this summer (in less than two weeks!) so I’ll have plenty of time to catch up on gifs.  

If anyone has any gif requests, don’t hesitate to ask!

Video 15 May 20 notes

From Arthur Season 10: World Girls 

Photo 13 May 321 notes From Season 3 “Arthur Goes Crosswire”

From Season 3 “Arthur Goes Crosswire”

Video 11 May 5 notes

Season 1: Francine’s Bad Hair Day

Video 11 May 17 notes

From Season 6: The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies

Video 11 May 17 notes

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